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Lesvos Solidarity operates in Pikpa camp since 2012. Pikpa camp is a place of dignity and solidarity for particularly endangered refugees – the Greek government now wants to close it. Families with children, pregnant women, people with disabilities will be threatened with homelessness or misery.
With a monthly donation you can ensure that people can be helped in the long term. A one-time donation is also possible and very helpful. #SaveDignity #SavePikpa

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#SaveDignity #SavePikpa

The EU-Commission promised that there will be “No more Morias”, instead there is now “No more Pikpa”. This is unworthy of the people, but also unworthy of the EU government, which talks so much and does so little. Maybe we can’t prevent the eviction of Pikpa, but together we can make sure that solidarity of that scale can go on.

Lesvos Solidarity supports the vulnerable refugees of Lesvos with psychosocial support, legal and medical aid, educational activities and vocational trainings. Regular Donations are needed at the moment for Lesvos Solidarity to be able to continue the support of the vulnerable refugees and advocate for their right to a dignified treatment.

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How long could those in need of special protection stay on the island of Lesvos?2020-12-29T00:12:55+01:00

This depends on the political situation and their asylum process. Up until now the procedure are so slwo that there are some Pikpa’s residents that wait for up 2.5 years for their case to be sorted.

What does it cost supporting one person?2020-12-03T14:15:15+01:00

From psychosocial to medical and food support including all kind of other expenses (NFIs, case management, legal support ect), the cost in supporting 1 person goes around to 500 Euro per month. Supporting the unaccompanied minors is more expensive.

Where those in need of special protection are going to be moved to?2020-12-03T14:14:54+01:00

There is no clarity in the governments plans. Nothing has been announced about where the vulnerable population would be moved to and how their needs will be covered. Our stand is that in the future, there should be a new Pikpa camp – even though the government’s opposition to dignified housing is big and building a new camp and/or buying land to build a closed camp will take a long time.

What happens to my donation if Pikpa camp will not be closed?2020-12-03T14:14:31+01:00

In any case, we will pass on the donations to the organization “Lesvos Solidarity” which operates in Pikpa Camp. “Lesvos Solidarity” is a Greek organization, which is mainly supported by solidarity people from all around the world. Unfortunately, even without eviction, it is increasingly difficult for them to collect enough donations to be able to support the people in a dignified manner. We want to change this.

Where can I find more information about the current situation at Camp Pikpa?2020-12-03T14:10:42+01:00

Have a look at the following pages:

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