Your donations will be used locally for organizations and projects that provide help as well as to draw attention to the situation. Thereby we take care that the money is not used for the construction of a “new Moria”.

We are supporting associations and volunteers on Lesvos and the Greek islands in providing support to people on the run and enabling them to live a humane life. Under no circumstances we want to be involved in structures that help the European Union and its member states to confine people in tents for years. A new Moria does not improve the situation on Lesvos, it recreates the problem. In the meantime we observe that the situation is even worse than before: the first rain has flooded the camp Kara Tepe. Neither shelter, nor schooling, food supply, nor fire protection are guaranteed. Everyone has the right to a fair asylum procedure and a future perspective. We do not create these prospects by rejecting our responsibility and imprisoning people on the run in camps on islands. A reallocation of people to the European member states is necessary to ease the local situation and find a long-term solution.