There are numerous organizations and initiatives working at the European external borders, supporting people on the move every day. On the spot, we support them in their crucial work. We also organize campaigns with high publicity in order to maintain and increase political pressure at national as well as European level. Currently, after the fire in Moria and the devastating situation in the Greek camps, aid projects on the Greek islands are in the focus.
For the support of larger projects we work together with the Foundation Fund Civil Sea Rescue. There, a team of representatives of Sea-Watch, Seebr├╝cke, civilfleet-support e.V., Sea-Eye and “Solidarity at Sea” decides on the allocation of funds. There, organizations can submit applications for concrete projects. The non-profit status of the respective applicants and the administration of the funds is ensured by GLS-Treuhand. Through a transparent process with a high level of expertise, we guarantee that the money flows into projects that really make a difference.