Questions about donations

Why do we not support the building of a “new Moria”?

Your donations will be used locally for organizations and projects that provide help as well as to draw attention to the situation. Thereby we take care that the money is not used for the construction of a "new Moria". We are supporting associations and volunteers on Lesvos and the Greek islands in providing support to ... [Read more]

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What happens with my donations?

There are numerous organizations and initiatives working at the European external borders, supporting people on the move every day. On the spot, we support them in their crucial work. We also organize campaigns with high publicity in order to maintain and increase political pressure at national as well as European level. Currently, after the fire ... [Read more]

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I would like to support with donations in kind. Where is need and to whom can I turn?

There are many different collection campaigns that regularly bring relief supplies to the EU's external borders or donate to homeless people. Sometimes it is not very helpful to send a few old T-shirts to Greece, as most of them are easily available locally. But there are also very concrete needs on the ground. At the ... [Read more]

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And what else can I do?

Our goal is that all of you who share our basic idea will find a connection through #LeaveNoOneBehind in order to change things together. Establish contacts to refugees, organize donations in goods or join a group that is planning actions on site: There are endless possibilities to get involved. We want to work together with ... [Read more]

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