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For the first time, pushback victim sues FRONTEX for half a million Euro

In the last two years, 43,000 men, women and children were intercepted by the joint operation of Frontex and the Greek coast guard and illegally pushed back to Turkey. One of them is Alaa Hamoudi, a 22-year old Syrian, who made it to the Greek island Samos in April 2020. He was trying to escape the war and find a better future.

But instead of processing his asylum claim, Greek authorities abducted, detained, forcibly transferred him to and abandoned him on a ‘death raft’ with no life-vests, water, food, means of navigation or communication. He was left adrift for 17 hours, at grave risk for his life, as a Greek vessel repeatedly pushed the dinghy back into Turkish territory. Meanwhile, a FRONTEX plane surveilled the pushback from above.

In a ground-breaking legal action, the first in a potential avalanche of damages lawsuits, Alaa is suing Frontex for half a million Euro in damages. But he needs your help. He is represented by the non-profit legal organisation front-LEX that relies on donations to continue working.

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