We are currently reorganizing the store. For now, you can find a reduced selection of accessories here.
The whole profit is used to fund charitable projects.


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Anything missing in the LNOB shop?

#LeaveNoOneBehind are all of you, that’s why we want to develop a community shop here. We are always looking for new ideas of cool stuff we can offer in this shop. We’re even more thrilled if you designed and produced the products yourselves and if they are manufactured fairly and sustainably. Please tell us your ideas: shop-ideas@support.kabulluftbruecke.de

Reseller? Or buying a large amount?

Are you running your own shop and want to offer #LNOB products yourself? Or do you want to place a large order (over €800) for your crew?

Get in touch with our team: bulk-order@support.kabulluftbruecke.de