Project Description

Infomobile is a grassroots antiracist organisation with people of diverse backgrounds that has been active in Greece for more than a decade. We meet people on the move in the streets, squares and outside of camps both on the Aegean islands as well as the mainland. We share and exchange information in non-hierarchical face to face encounters and create resources based on peoples’ questions that are freely shared. We support individuals with legal advice and in emergencies also with legal aid, stepping in where others don’t act, to fight against discriminatory and dysfunctional procedures and repressive laws that put people behind bars, hinder access to international protection and shelter, that expose kids to dangers, that keep families apart and people with regular stay without future prospects. The focus of our work lies in supporting the struggle of those who arrive in Greece for their right to stay and legal ways out of Greece such as family reunifications. On our blog we document human rights violations: The forced return of people to Greece, pushbacks to Turkey, the inhumane conditions in the Aegean island hotspots and mainland camps, homelessness and many other injustices that people on the move face in Greece such as police violence in Patras, evictions and raids in Igoumenitsa, Idomeni and refugee squats in Athens. We platform the voices of people protesting in detention centres and other self-organised struggles for the right to stay and freedom of movement and mourn deaths at the border. Though our group is based in Greece, we build and strengthen networks of solidarity across borders. From the seas to the cities!