Project Description

SOS Bihac supports people on the run who don’t have access to food, clothes, sanitary systems, and emergency medical aid and thus provides first aid, food, and clothes distributions. Besides their support for people on the move, SOS Bihac also supports people in poverty of the Una Sana region, for example through the distribution of free disinfectants and protective masks. Their goal is among others to thus support the peaceful and respectful coexistence of all people, which is just as important to SOS Bihac as acute help in emergency situations. The situation of the refugees is constantly deteriorating. Several thousands of people are dependent on medical aid, clothes, sleeping bags, water, and food through NGOs. The winter with its cold weather makes life in the forests around Bihac unbearable. Closed or overcrowded camps and push-backs at the Croatian borders complicate the situation even further.

  • January 1, 2021
  • 35.000

  • Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina